Industrial Rope Access Trade Association


  • Unlike the traditional concept, rope access techniques are the most secureways of working at height. To achieve the above target:
    • The rope access workers have University and Technological education. As Engineers, they have many years of work experience in the construction field,in private and public sectors.
    • The rope access workers have full expertise in working at height and they are certified by the Global Certification Body, IRATA.
    • The rope access workers always use the necessary specialized equipment according to the Greek and the International law.
    • Periodically, the rope access workers attend educational courses abroad, aiming in gaining theoretical and practical knowledge, by training in new / novel techniques.
  • The possibility of working at any height is possible.
  • Our company’s personnel have access to areas, where workers with conventional or traditional methods cannot work.
  • The services that we offer are cost effective, because:
    • We don’t use scaffoldings, cranes, mobile platforms or any other conventional method.
    • The working time is shorter, because we use flexible equipment.
    • Depending on the type of work, during the working time, it is not necessary to evacuate the construction site.
  • UPWORKS is a flexible and dynamic team of rope access workers, where our customers come into direct contact with the staff that will perform the work.