Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

areas of application

The ability of our company to use the rope access techniquesmay be applied in many fields such as:

  • Renewable Energy (turbine generators, photovoltaic systems).
  • Private sector projects (high rise buildings, industrial buildings, hotels).
  • Industrial facilities (chimneys, buildings, cranes, machinery, silos, tanks).
  • Technical projects (steel structures, bridge decks, pillars, pedestals foundations, steps, mobile towers, weather stations, TV and radio masts).
  • Historic buildings – Monuments.
  • Geotechnical – Underground works (roads, tunnels).
  • Hydraulic structures (dams, wells, reservoirs, water towers).
  • Coastal – Marine projects (piers, booms, quay walls, floating cranes).
  • Shipping(freeboard ships, tanks, cranes).