Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

UPWORKS is a flexible, dynamic rope access workers team, certified by IRATA, which undertakes works at height, in a wide range of technical works, wherever is needed. UPWORKS’s rope access workers act since 2003, as professional engineers and technicians in the construction area of private and public sector. At the same time they are constantly develop their passion for climbing and caving. The knowledge of climbing and speleological techniques and the experience in the needs of construction industry joined us recently under the roof of UPWORKS. Our aim was to combine the expertise and the passion of the latter two different areas of interest.


The different professional expertise of each rope access worker, gives us the advantage and the ability to process and oversee operations, under the eye of an expert.

Yannis Aggelis, Civil Engineer and Certified rope access worker.
As a Civil Engineer, _ experienced both in public and private sectors_, is the key person for the handing / completion and supervision of all the works, in the areas of services that the company undertakes.

Theodoros Kalogiannidis, Geologist
Although not certified rope access worker, however Theodoros, _ as a geologist with extensive experience in public works of the "Egnatia Odos", _ is the soul of the team in the field of geotechnical works.

Manolis Tsikandilakis, Mechanical Engineer and Certified rope access worker.
As a private engineering practitioner, directing his own company with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing of photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, is responsible for handing and supervising the works of the energy sector.