Industrial Rope Access Trade Association


  • Construction

    One of the main areas of UPWORKS’s activity is the construction field in private or public projects. Basic tasks that we undertake by applying rope access techniques are:

    • Installation of electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems,
    • Installation of fire systems,
    • Placing waterproofing limited surface,
    • Painting, Rust removal,
    • Anchorage, Welding, Avulsion,
    • Check bolt torque, Replacing them with metal or wood frame structure,
    • Concrete restoration and reinforcement.
  • Cleaning

    The methods of our company find application in cleaning surfaces. Specifically we undertake:

    • Cleaning of glass, inox and any other surface,
    • Washing food silos, tanks,
    • Chemical cleaning, Paint removal,
    • Removal of construction debris,
    • Cleaning with high pressure water jetting.
  • Placement, Hanging, Launching

    The rope access method can be applied for the placing or hanging or launching objects such as banners, signs, cameras, air conditioners, antennas, lightning rods, vents, chimneys etc.