Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

In cooperation with experienced geologists and qualified engineers in geotechnical engineering, UPWORKS undertakes:

  • Geotechnical investigation

    Mapping, tilt study, testing and sampling for analysis of slope stability may be performed in order to determine the progress of works and the appropriate methodology to be followed.


  • Rock scaling

    In situations, where large sections of rock or large boulders require controlled removal,either for safety reasons or due to lack of cohesion, UPWORKS uses a variety of techniques to ensure proper geometry, to reduce slip and increase power of the connection forces.

  • Increase slope stability

    Increased slope stability may be achieved in two stages. In the first level, we carry out the surface water drainage by placing vertical drains or sewers and ditches drainage. In the second level, the slope stability is achieved by mechanical methods such as anchorage, injection, geogrids and altered tilt.

  • Rock fall protection systems


    UPWORKS undertakes the assembly and the installation of rock fall protection systems, such as wire mesh, catch fences and that of corrosion control systems.


  • Re-vegetation – Slope planting

    Once configured the final surface of the slope, the re-vegetation helps to stabilize the slope through the action of the root system, increasing the adhesion forces of soil grains.

  • De-vegetation

    There are some situations, where the vegetation may cause either a reduction in the slope stability or the obstacle for the work to be carried out or it may cause degradation of landscape architecture. Our skills and experience enables us to carry out this work in a safe manner, respecting the environment at the same time.