Industrial Rope Access Trade Association


  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

    NDT is the examination of a material with technologies that do not affect its future use and without causing any damage to it. Moreover, the NDT process provides us the ability to detect defects and discontinuities of the material.

    The basic methods of non-destructive testing that we use, are:

    • The visual inspection which is the simplest and the most important method for the initial assessment.
    • The Hammer Rebound Method which is a complementary method for the assessment of strength of concrete to a depth of 30 cm from the surface and for the detection of small lesions.
    • The ultrasonic method which is the main method for thickness measurements of corroded surfaces, for checking welds in steel structures and for the quality classification of concrete.
    • The thermo graphic analysis which aims to detect heterogeneity of concrete, to detect cracks and corrosion and to detect internal defects.
    • Electromagnetic waves method which based on the emission of electromagnetic waves and is a highly reliable technique to detect gaps or discontinuities in the structural elements.
  • Semi-Destructive Testing

    In many cases the results of NDT in concrete structures contain significant error rate. For this reason, international regulations require us to make semi-destructive tests.

    UPWORKS is able to perform semi-destructive inspections applying rope access techniques at points of difficult access in existent structures (e.g. buildings, bridges).

    The most important of these methods are:

    • Coring method. This method based on the perforation of pieces with specific cylindrical dimensions using special perforators (Drills) with the aim of their subsequent laboratory testing. The coring is an absolutely reliable method to arrive at conclusions on the adequacy of the static structure and the need or not to upgrade the carrying capacity. Also by coring can create holes in specific points of the structure in order for example to prepare a controlled demolition.
    • The method with ejector. The method relies on quantifying the force required to extract a bolt from the mass of concrete with a special device. Method is sufficiently accurate for conclusions on the compressive strength of concrete.

    Semi-Destructive Testing

  • Photographs – Video

    According to your needs, we can design and organize a variety of airborne positioning and movement of the receiving equipment or even the people filming in places of difficult access. With the wright co-operation, the members of our team can lead to new innovative possibilities of photographing, filming movies and documentaries or even shooting journalistic reportage.

  • Review safety systems – measuring harmful factors

    We design, install and inspect systems which protect against falling (safety nets) and systems for horizontal or vertical movement (life-lines). We can also perform measurements of physical and chemical factors involved in industrial processes, to calculate the occupational hazard.