Industrial Rope Access Trade Association


The rope access method finds application in the field of wind energy. UPWORKS’s rope access workers are certified by Altitec Academy and with their experience in the use of polyester materials, are able to undertake processing work in wind turbines with safe, reliable and economical way.

We provide services of inspection/testing and repair/maintenance:

  • at the outer and inner surfaces of the blades,
  • at the surface of the nacelle,
  • at all exterior and interior parts of the tower,
  • at the foundations (civil engineer is able to make a study of static adequacy).

With the inspection and testing at regular intervals, we are able to record the extent and type of each damage. After the immediate inspection and the detailed photographic recording, we prepare technical reports, we categorize all lesions according to their seriousness and we suggest solutions for the repair.

With regular inspections we are be able to know the situation of wind turbines to maintain maximum production and to avoid the damage evolution.

After the inspection stage comes the phase of repair and maintenance with rope access technique unless required lowering the flaps.


Some of the damages that we can repair with our techniques are:

  • Pinholes, scratches, spallings, separation, abrasion, disintegrates (chalking effect) of top-coat at the blades.
  • Cracks, delamitations, slight hair-cracks, gap in surface, hull breach of gel-coat at the blades.
  • Avulsion and cracks at the trailing edges of the blades.
  • Dry laminate, soft spots at the belt area or others area of laminate.
  • Aluminum section separates form trailing edge.
  • Lighting strike damages.
  • Damage to the tip, anti-twist protection system.
  • Damage to manholes or boxes mechanisms.
  • Damage to aerodynamic systems (winglet, vortex module) of the blades.
  • Wear, corrosion and rust on the flanges of the tower.
  • Pollution from oil and grease on the frame of the tower.
  • Cracking and weathering of concrete in the foundations.

There are many causes which effect the operation of a wind turbine, such as severe weather and harsh environmental conditions, aging and wear / tear of materials, design, production and material failures, overloading of the systems, vibration because of unbalanced blade, the failure of design and production of materials, the human factor during transportation and installation etc.