Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

Construction of stone masonry at the east part of the venetian fortress on Spinalonga island

In cooperation with the Authority of Byzantine and post-Byzantine antiquities, our company worked on the -20 meters high- stone wall restoration, using rope access technics and scaffolds. The works that took place were: a) stone building b) grouting c) achieving static adequacy using concrete injections.

spinalonga_01.jpg spinalonga_02.jpg spinalonga_03.jpg spinalonga_04.jpg spinalonga_05.jpg spinalonga_06.jpg spinalonga_07.jpg spinalonga_08.jpg spinalonga_09.jpg spinalonga_10.jpg spinalonga_11.jpg spinalonga_12.jpg spinalonga_13.jpg spinalonga_14.jpg spinalonga_15.jpg spinalonga_16.jpg spinalonga_17.jpg spinalonga_18.jpg spinalonga_19.jpg